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Bed Bug Treatment SeattleWe’re Washington’s most experienced bed bug treatment company. We have performed over 15,000 successful bed bug treatments. No bed bug dogs, No gimmicks, No charge for inspections. 100% guaranteed results and 1 year bed bug warranty included in most cases. Contact us today for FAST, DISCREET service.

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Treatment Options:

Option One: Heat

We use specialized equipment to safely heat the entire space to 150 degrees. The heat penetrates furniture and reaches all bed bug hiding places. All stages of bed bug life are killed by heat from adult to egg. Your entire home can be 99.99% bed bug free in 8 hours or less with our heat treatment methods. The structure or personal belongings will not be damaged by the heat. Certain items such as candles may need to be removed from rooms prior to heating. We include a 1 year warranty with heat treatment.One Year Bed Bug Warranty

Option Two: LEED Tier 3 Material

We utilize LEED Tier III Pesticide that is the least hazardous type of pesticide available on the market today. It has proven to be a very effective weapon in our bed bug killing arsenal. These products are applied to the cracks and crevices where bed bugs are likely to harbor.  It takes longer to kill the bugs than the heat, however is a good option if heat is not possible due access or budget constraints. 1 Year warranty included when the entire home is serviced.Eco friendly bed bug treatment

Option Three: Traditional Pesticide

Contrary to popular belief, pesticide can safely kill bed bugs provided that the correct pesticide is used in a precise way. Our pesticide treatment will kill all bed bugs however it could take 30 days or longer. Pesticide does not kill bed bug eggs therefore it activity could persist until all eggs are hatched and all bugs come in contact with the material that we applied. 1 Year warranty included when the entire home is serviced.Bed Bug Pesticide


Do you think you have bed bugs? Are you waking up with itchy bites? Have you found bugs in your bed?

Contact us today to schedule your free bed bug inspection. We will send an experienced technician to take a look. They will inspect the beds and couches for bugs and evidence. We will never recommend bed bug treatment unless bed bugs are 100% confirmed. Bug bites are not conclusive evidence, though they are the first clue. It is best for us to inspect in order to provide you with an accurate recommendation. If we find bed bugs, then treatment can be scheduled immediately.

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one year bed bug warranty

1 Year Bed Bug Warranty Included

1 year bed bug warranty included when we treat the entire home (some exclusions apply).

No-Hassle Warranty included with every bed bug treatment. If you ever suspect bed bug activity during the warranty period, then we will be there right away to inspect and provide bed bug treatment for free.  We cover you, no matter what! If the bed bugs reappear in your home for any reason during the warranty period, then we will treat it again at absolutely no cost to you.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service! We are blessed to serve you!

Our Employees are Crime-Free Certified

Discreet Bed Bug Treatment with Integrity

Our company name does not include “BED BUGS” for a reason. No pictures of bed bugs or words stating “bed bugs” on our shirts, vehicles, or equipment. Your privacy is of upmost importance to Heat Pest Services, LLC., the discreet bed bug treatment experts.

We value your trust, we won’t ever offer you bed bug treatment if we don’t find clear evidence of bed bugs.

All our employees are background checked, drug tested, trained, licensed and experienced. You can trust the experts at Heat Pest Services, LLC. to get the job done right and get rid of your bed bug issues.

Video Of Our Heat Treatment

Thermal video of the inside of a home during heat treatment. The lethal temperatures kill the bed bugs wherever they are hiding.

Bed Bug K9 Not Needed

Why We Do Not Use Bed Bug Canines. 

  1.  You can see bed bugs. They are the size of a ladybug as an adult. They also leave several clues such as bites and droppings. The bugs and the evidence of them can be easily seen with a trained eye.
  2. If we find a bed bug, then we recommend that the entire home is treated. If we only treat the room where the pests are found, then they will likely be found in other areas of the house later on. This information is experience based.
  3. How can you trust a “bed bug canine” owned by a pest control company that provides bed bug treatment.
  4. How do they use the canine? Before treatment to pinpoint problem areas? After treatment to “clear” the home? Or both?
  5. If the home is “cleared” by the dog, then is the warranty expired? Will the company charge you again if you find bed bugs afterward?
  6. How often is the canine trained? Daily training is required for working dogs.
  7. How was the dog originally trained? Did they purchase a trained bed bug canine? Did they train their family pet?
  8. If the dog “hits” on bed bugs, then does the trainer physically find the bed bug and show it to you the customer? Or are you supposed to take their word for it?

Mattress Covers are not Needed.

Some companies recommend or provide mattress covers that seal your entire mattress and box spring separately inside a vinyl or nylon material. We do not recommend the use of  bed bug mattress covers. The idea that a bed bug cover will prevent the pests in the future is ridiculous. Bed bugs are happy to live on the outside of the encasement. The idea that a bed bug cover will “starve out the bugs” is ridiculous. What about the bed bugs that are not on the bed or box spring? Also, bed bugs can supposedly survive up to 18 months without feeding. Would you want to sleep on a bed with live bed bugs sealed within? Me either. A professional bed bug exterminator would never recommend bed bug covers.

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